Working for Glenmark Construction can be the start of an amazing career.

We offer:

    • Above average pay based on skill level
    • 401k match up to 5%
    • Paid holidays
    • Paid vacations
    • A bonus plan that includes profit sharing for all employees
    • Health, Dental, Eye, and Life Insurance offered
    • Safe working environment – safety training provided
    • Career advancement – good work is rewarded

What our employee's are saying.

“I came to work for Glenmark in 2001, and have enjoyed the quality people and the quality work we’ve done. I left shortly after the loss of my wife to care for myself and children. When the ages of my children and home life became more manageable, I went back to work for Glenmark, where the high standards are not only in the the workmanship, but the people I work with each day.”

– John G.


“I have been with Glenmark for 22 years and they have given me the opportunity to grow and to provide for my family.”

– Freddie C.


“30 years ago, I found Glenmark – was a board hanger looking for a job that has turned into a career. Worked my way up to Supervisor.”

– Pierre H.


“Big company with a great family feel. I have worked here for almost 30 years.”

– Jim R.


“I have worked for Glenmark for about 25 years and I am happy with the company.”

– Mike H.

What are you waiting for? Fill out a Glenmark Construction application today!

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