Alan Moore
S-B Construction Co,

"We have worked as a team with Glenmark Construction Co., Inc on many projects through the years. I have always found them to be extremely helpful on the front end"

Tyler Shaw
S-B Construction Co,

"Glenmark is a leader on your jobs and has an outstanding commitment to providing a quality project that meets the customer’s schedule. Your ability to perform well in multiple trades is"

Audie Tarpley, Project Executive
Dillon Construction Group,

"Glenmark Construction is a trusted partner in the truest sense of the word. They bring a "can do" attitude to the table and work to achieve mutual goals for the"

Michael G. Anderson, Senior Project Manager
Shiel Sexton Co.,

"Glenmark has been a valued subcontractor to us for many years. We have successfully completed many projects together. Their people are knowledgeable and work closely with our staff to make"

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